Fox & Fawn

VINTAGEY THRIFT… OR THRIFTY VINTAGE? Either way, I like it! This Greenpoint spot is one of those “buy, sell, trade” stores, but it doesn’t feel the same as the others. I’ve perused many a store under the same category and decided against blogging about them—to spare you the experience of walking into a store that looks vintagey awesome from the outside, only to find racks full of ill-fitting blouses from 2002 inside. Fox & Fawn has its share of awkward, less desirable duds, but it has some great vintage pieces as well—and at prices that absolutely cannot be beat! (Why did I not buy everything in this video!?) Because Fox & Fawn is more like a thrift store where it’s all about the search, I decided to show you specific items that I found, instead of highlighting typical genres of items from the store like I usually do. I even ended up buying a skirt for about $12! It’s contemporary, but vintage in its design… you could say it’s vintagey thrift!

Fox & Fawn

570 Manhattan Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11222

Open Mon-Sat. 12-8 pm, Sun 12-7 pm


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